Stephane Lambiel – Water

Stéphane Lambiel, Stephane3
Le Petit Prince,
is my absolute
favourite skater.






Nobody else moves so graciously and expressively to music. It’s like music itself had taken a physical form and was dancing on the ice. This video is from Art on ice in Lausanne, 5 March 2014. I find this number extremely touching!



“There’s something in the water
I do not feel safe
It always feels like torture
To be this close

I wish that I was stronger
I’d separate the waves
Not just let the water
Take me away

There was a time, I’d dip my feet
And it would roll off my skin
Now every time I get close to the edge
I’m scared of falling in

‘Cause I don’t want to be
Stranded again on my own
When the tide comes in
And pulls me below the surface”

You want to read the full lyrics? Click here


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