Ulun Danu temple, Bali

Bali7A day on Bali
21 April 1988

Extract from my diary

“Today we’re going up to Mount Catur and Lake Bredan. We’re driving through painstakingly built rice-fields. We have to stop for a flock of ducks, crossing the road. Everywhere on the fields you see small temples with black-and-white checkered aprons. God images are plentiful, sometimes as this one, decorated with a hibiscus.

We’re meeting a procession, who performs some ceremony at the wayside, hanging votives in the trees.

Once we reached Lake Bratan, we’re so high up, that it’s become cloudy and considerably cooler. We’re having pancakes with honey at a café before entering the temple area – a combination I never tried before. Delicious!

The place is very beautiful, very quiet and very pieceful. “It’s because a living God still dwells here”, says Made, our guide and driver.

And walking at the shore, savouring the serene atmosphere, I almost believe him…
In the evening we’re going to a trance dance. Two small girls are dancing the “Legong dance” with closed eyes. Behind them is a group of men and women, singing rhythmically. As soon as the chanting stops, the girls collapse on the floor. They are lifted up again and continue to dance. They do every movement simultaneously. Awake they don’t even know the dance. The belief is, that they have been taken over by celestial nymphs.

I don’t have a video of my own from this dance. This was before the digital cameras and the video recorders of the time was a lot bigger…

Bali8So I borrowed a clip from YouTube!




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