Malmö monuments

Shoes2Way to go
Åsa Maria Bengtsson


As a tribute to some wellknown artists 19 pair of bronze shoes, typical of the shoes they used to wear, have been placed on a bridge in Malmö.

I must admit that I like the playfulness of some of the official monuments in Malmö!

Non violence: Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd made this monument after hearing that John Lennon had been shot. It is on display in many cities, including outside the UN headquarters in New York.

The optimist orchestra: the artist, Yngve Lindell,  describes his work as a tribute to “the positively disobeient man”.

The Swedish melancholy by Marie Louise Ekman: the most remarkable thing about this statue is that he cries. There is water circulating inside him, that constantly trickles out as tears. He has built in heating, so that he can cry in any season.


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