The old man and the sea – Ernest Hemingway

”If a writer of prose knows enough
of what he’s writing about Hemingway




he may omit things that he knows and the reader, if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the writer had stated them. The dignity of movement of an ice-berg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water.  A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing.”
Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway’s prose is clear and almost transparent like water. It is spare, unadorned and deceptively simple  He avoids adjectives whenever possible, but  he is a master at transmitting emotions through dialog and actions. Under the surface of the sea there is multiple layers and you can dive deep down, down through them to the base of the ice-berg.



Try to make time for watching this beautiful animation of Hemingways’ book!


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