Does it wobble or not?Inception

What is reality? What is not? Or doesn’t it matter?

This is a movie about a con man, but not any con man! This one steals secrets from the deep subconscious of people, when they are asleep and at most vulnerable! In the movie he’s facing a new challenge: he’s hired to implant an idea in somebody’s mind, a task which is considered impossible!

This is a really fascinating film. I love its ambiguity! It’s mind boggling, thought provoking!!! If the director, Cristopher Nolan, stood up and said: this is the meaning of the movie, I would be very disappointed. I would rather spend a night with a good friend, discussing the film and trying to solve its puzzles, even if none of us were wiser in the morning!

Here’s a scene from the movie. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) explains the dream world for Ariadne (Ellen Page)


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