The Tudors – Greensleeves

I do have a weakness
for historical drama seriesHenrik







I’m also very fond of old English folk music, so when I came across the following clip on YouTube, I  was delighted.

This is not a BBC-series but an Irish-Canadian production, but I still found it very well done!

There has been a persistent rumor that the song Greensleeves was composed by none other than King Henry VIII following an early rejection of his love by his future wife Anne Boleyn. To my surprise I learned that  Henry was an accomplished composer and musician -I thought him nothing but a brute – playing the lute and organ, but  flattery did cause officials to attribute to him many compositions which were not his, and the consensus of opinion today is that Greensleeves was composed rather later on in Tudor times, during the reign of Anne Boleyn’s daughter, Elisabeth I.

Greensleeves is sung by Roger McGuinn, once a member of the rock-band The Byrds.


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