My friend Femmka has a blog,
where she publishes her writings



She writes poetry, song-texts, and recently she has started to publish fables. These short stories are witty and clever. They provoke thoughts, stimulate associations but above all, they are delightful!
She writes in Dutch, English and French.

Here is the beginning of one of her fables:


Days were getting shorter. First, in the evening it got darker sooner and sooner, and then also, in the morning, the light came later and later.
A lot of animals asked if she would shine a while on their doorstep and that’s how it came to be that the firefly was busy going from appointment to appointment.
At first, she was shining a good hour and a half on every doorstep, but nowadays she had diminished that to fifty minutes because more and more animals needed her.

To read the whole story go to her blog at


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