365 Masquerades


I recently came across a Facebook Page, 365 Masquerades, managed by Gisela Fleisher, an artist from Malmö. Every day she transforms herself to a new character, takes a photo and posts the photos on the net.

”I’m dressing up & down/transforming myself/performing a role/creating a look/becoming a stereotype –once a day, each day of 2014. I’ve always been interested in viewing. How do we look at others, what are the stereotypes and prejudices? How does the image of me change when I appear in so many different guises? ”

On 20 July, 2011 Anders Behring Breivik planted a car bomb in the government district in Oslo, Norway. The bomb detomated in the afternoon, and 8 people died in the explosion. Breivik then continued to Utøya, an island owned by the social democratic  youth organization, where a summer camp was ongoing. Breivik falsely identified himself as a policeman and summoned people to him before he took up his weapons from a sack and started shooting. 69 people were killed in this attack.

On the anniversary of these events she published this strong and moving photo. ”I thought I should do something symbolical. This is my perception. It felt as if the entire nation started to bleed!”


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