The Moulin Rouge, Paris

A child of the Belle Époque

By day

By day

And by night

And by night


Photos courtesy of Femmka

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The Belle Époque was a period in French history starting in 1871 and ending in 1914 when first world war broke out. It was  a period of peace, optimism, ease and belief in the future. It was marked by new technologies,  scientific discoveries and industrial progress.  The peace and prosperity allowed arts to flourish and many masterpieces of lterature, music and visual art were produced.

The Moulin Rouge opened it’s cabaret in 1889, and it quickly became a great success. The aim was to allow the very rich to come and “slum” it in a fashionable district, that was famous for its bohemian lifestyle.  People from all social classes mixed: workers, artists, the middle classes, elegant women, businessmen and foreigners (even foreign royalty).

On 23 November 1981 the Moulin Rouge closed for one evening to present its show for Queen Elisabeth ll.

Many famous artists have performed at Moulin Rouge:


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