The Silence of the Lambs

IMG_20140910_013134The first horror film to win

an Oscar for best picture

 I truely liked this dark film! It’s frightening, involving and disturbing.

FBI-agent trainee Claire Starling is tasked with interviewing Hannibal Lecter, a former psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer, in hope that she will be able to extract some information from him, that will lead to the capture of Buffalo Bill, another serial murderer. An eerie and complex relationship develops between them. Hannibal is sceptical at first but eventually agrees to help her on the condition that for every bit of information,  he gives her, she will tell him something about herself. Their discussions become very intimate,  and Hannibal becomes increasingly fond of Claire. Claire is drawn to his brilliant mind. He is highly intelligent, cultured and sophisticated. He has refined tastes in art and music. In the end he almost becomes a likeable person, maybe because he likes and helps Claire, and we see him through her eyes.

The film is from 1991. It was directed by Jonathan Demme. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster played the leading parts. It also won Oscars for best actor, best actress, best director and best adapted screenplay.



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