Raiders of the Lost Ark

American director/producer George Lucas had a dream IMG_20140918_042216

to create a modern version of the matiné-films from

the 1930’s and 1940’s

 He explained the concept to his friend Steven Spielberg,  who loved the idea and called it “a James Bond-film without the hardware”. Spielberg was to direct the movie and its three sequels. The film was released in 1981 to acclaim from critics and audiences alike: “a true matiné-film but better than anything it tries to recreate”.

The movie has all the elements from the matiné-series: it’s fun, fast paced and hurtles from one crisis to another.  It has a cool hero (Harrison Ford) and a tough heroine (Karen Allen). It takes place in exotic countries – Africa, Nepal, Egypt. The opponents are Nazis. The weapons range from revolvers and machine-guns to machetes and whips. The film has snakes, spiders, booby traps and explosives. The hero is trapped in a snake pit, and the heroine is attacked by mummies.

A famous scene from the movie


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