Tribute to the victims in Paris

The terror attacks in Paris on 7th and 8th of January shocked most of us. But it released a flood wave of cartoons, which still shows no sign of petering out. The drawer of Asterix, Urdezo, came out of retirement to pay his tribute. It touched me deeply!





2 thoughts on “Tribute to the victims in Paris

  1. Hello Vicky. How are you today. You make the most fabulous cards sweetie. So beautifully co-ordinated, fab colours, cute image and wonderfully emodtlishee.Lbls of love, Sandra xxx

  2. "Yours in Mao, thank you Comrade. Your service to the cause is exceptional and I shall put in a request for extra rations for you to Dear Leader."Thank you! Oh, and don't forget the car. I need a state car. Make sure it's bullet proof. The capitalist might start shooting at me. ;)Maria, why do you even bother with slap-stick? Ignore him/her. It's an old cliche, but it's true: Do not feed the troll.:)

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